Monday, February 21, 2011

The article on The CALL affects the traffickers

In the last issue (July to Dec 2010) we published an article on Human Trafficking with special reference to Nepal under the title “Unguarded borders! Unprotected lives!!” Right two weeks after its publication at least there were three reports in the newspapers of traffickers being caught & detained in the Indian side border of Nepal.

The article urged the readers to pray and involve in meaningful action against Human Trafficking. We hope that the readers would have sincerely prayed against this gruesome evil.

Here are a few reports from the newspapers (click the image to view it enlarged),

Child Workers Rescued
Big Catch
Smuggler Caught
HIV positive cases in Raxaul

A few points from the article published in the magazine:

What could you do to stop human trafficking?
  1. Identify and stop buying things that are made using bonded labourers. Avoid all such facilities that are offered using trafficked people.
  2. Conduct human trafficking awareness programs in your locality and Church with the help of organizations and personnel working in such projects.
  3. 11th January is Human Trafficking Day. Work with your pastor to incorporate in your worship service information about Human Trafficking and prayers for both the exploited and the exploiters.
  4. Form a task force in your city/locality to stop the activities of human trafficking.
  5. Train and empower women, girls and the vulnerable, in your church and locality to fight against trafficking.
  6. Corporate sectors can create livelihood opportunities and can support organizations which prosecute traffickers and protect rescued victims.
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