Thursday, March 24, 2011

The making of the first cover images of The CALL

The very first issue of The CALL was scheduled for release in January 2009. It was only two months since the team had been formed and had come together to work. There was lot of excitement as we were working together in producing this Christian literature.

By the end of December of 2008 we had collected the articles and edited them and they were ready for designing. Now was the time for the selection and designing of the cover image. Since this was going to be the very first issue, we wanted to portray that as the cover which would convey the purpose of the magazine, sound and clear. As the team was thinking over this, an idea struck me – to create the words ‘The CALL’ itself using people! Everyone liked the idea and we took it to our Director and Managing Editor, Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar. He too liked the idea and he added another beautiful element to this idea. He told us to dress the people in a way so as to depict different professions – doctor, paramedic, lawyer, engineer, teacher, missionary, etc. This would convey that The CALL is about the call of God in the lives of all people.

We came together and drew THE CALL and calculated the positions and people that it would require to make these letters. We needed 14 people to make THE CALL!

Our hunt for people started. First we decided upon taking the help of GEMS Timothy Bible College students. We approached the Dean, Bro. Suresh and he was more than willing to send them. We called them all in the afternoon of the last week of Dec 2010 and started to form the letters in the Bible College ground. After a long session of trying different positions and choice of boys, we finally formed the letters. Though the boys were tired (standing for long time until we called off each shot with raised hands and bent backs), they were very happy and excited too that they are part of God’s ministry and photo shoot, of course! Even some asked whether they had to come dressed well. We told them that this was only a pre-shoot session. They were so cooperative and we enjoyed working with them.


The next challenge was to decide upon different professions and finding appropriate costumes. As we were finalizing the professions, we decided to use girls as well, as certain roles of professions would well fit for girls. We thought of taking the help of the students of GEMS School of Nursing and we approached the Principal Mrs. Packiarani Stephen and she immediately agreed.

We decided upon who is going to wear what. We hunted for the costumes and finally grabbed them all. The big day came when we had to take the final shots with the students wearing their attire depicting different professions. We tried all different combinations of placements. We decided to do the final shots in the banks of Sone River as it would give us lot of space to shoot long angle shots and natural light.

We took the help of GEMS Media Dept for photography and Bro. Gideon M Durai was the photographer. After many shots he realized that there were shadows in the picture because of the angle. And we had to arrange for a ladder for him take shots from upper angle. We couldn’t waste time as the sun was going down soon as it was winter of December. The students weren’t wearing any woollen sweaters and were shivering in the cold.

At last the shots were finalized with one advocate, one doctor, two nurses, one politician, two engineers, one missionary and one executive and the rest of them were used to form the remaining letters. But during the designing as some shots lacked clarity and lighting, the shots with the advocate and politician were removed.

DSC04111DSC04116DSC04118DSC04120DSC04121G Photo 023G Photo 030G Photo 033G Photo 036G Photo 037G Photo 045G Photo 046G Photo 060G Photo 067

Once after the image was finalized, still we wanted something, a kind of a logo that would sound the call of The CALL “A prophetic voice to the church! An apostolic voice to the missions!” The another editor Bro. John worked on this along with Bro. Caleb,the artist working in GEMS Children Dept and it resulted in the forming of the background image with T formed by a wooden Cross and C formed by a Trumpet Horn, the one that was used in the Temple of God in Israel; both put together represents and sounds the call of The CALL “heralding the triumph of His utterance, dictating the desire of His heart, illuminating the obscure, planting visions and triggering Christendom to stand up and testify”.

The CALL_Jan to March 2009

It was all together a wonderful experience of team work and sharing, that glorified God. This is the story of the cover of the very first issue of The CALL.

Though it was tiresome, we tried together as a team

Though it was tough, we were through with His touch

Though it was testing, we knew that we were trailing in the tracks of tested testimonies

Though we were tensed at times, we weren’t troubled as we were trusting in a Truthful God

Though it was time-taking, we didn’t consider it to be trivial, because we were together in a task that will trumpet the Truth

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What’s wrong with our Education System?

For the last two weeks all National Newspapers are running a story on the sexual assault charges on the Vice Chancellor of Jayaprakash University, Bihar. Yesterday’s Patna Edition of Times of India covered a news on this issue under the title: “Only persons with integrity must be appointed as VCs:Academics”. The article reads – “Unless a foolproof mechanism is evolved to select persons of competence and integrity for these highest academic offices, the universities would continue to be administered by such ‘tainted’ people… In Bihar, more than half a dozen VCs have been accused of various charges of financial irregularities and some of them have been imprisoned.”

Isn’t it sad to see the state of the Educationists and the Academic Administrators of our country? What would be the quality of education that they and these universities would be imparting? The Christian philosopher C.S. Lewis very rightly said, “Education without values makes man a more clever devil”.

What we read in the newspapers are only the tip of an iceberg! In the last two days alone I have been h5earing stories after stories on corruption in our Educational Institutions & Systems. One person in the committee that inspects and approves technical institutions, on an occasion of inspection asked for and received 20 silk sarees (to approve an institute that did not fulfil all the norms); another gave bribe in 8 digits to get the highest post in an university. There is corruption in the approval of Study Centres too by Universities. Everything happens for money in the form of bribe! All of this in turn affects the students. Once a person to a high post in such Educational Institutions they start getting back the money through all means. Nothing happens without bribing. Approval of printing presses, study centres, lab product & other purchases, using of UGC grants, etc.  


The students and their parents are the ones who suffer. The high cost of education is mainly because of corruption. The parent suffers from the day they give birth to the child. All of their earnings are saved to bribe their children’s education. We not only need academicians with integrity, the whole education system in India needs change.


Please read the insightful article in The CALL on the title ‘Wholesome Education: A need of the hour’. The article reads:

“Therefore, it is high time for us to introspect and provide true wholes4ome education to our children. Whole some education seems to be a mere slogan shouted in the corridors of today’s educational world. Those who coined the term, ‘wholesome education’ deserve our applause and appreciation, but its real essence seems to be missing in the kind of education that is offered under its banner today. Therefore the term wholesome education tended to become a near-misnomer.

What is wholesome education in the real sense?…….”

Read this article in the first quarter issue of 2011 of The CALL under the column ‘Red Hot-Contemplating the Contemporary’.