Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prevaricated publication of a popular paper on pornography

The article titled ‘Porn? Bring it on!’ in Times Life, the Sunday Supplement of Times of India, published this Sunday, 24th April 2011,  was about women indulging in pornography. The article praises such indulgence of women saying, “Porn is no longer a man’s domain…. it is a swift change to maturity for women….” and poses a question, “If men can indulge their natural instincts, why should women remain deprived?” The article says that this is become possible for women because of “a liberated, open society, an all round empowerment of women and easy access to porn….”

The article cites a clinical psychologist, “Watching porn is normal. Married couples watch porn to spice their sex lives…..” The article on a very light note reads, “Pornography can be liberating for women who are sexually confident, but can create performance anxiety for others. Porn addiction has ruined relationships and marriages when it’s taken too far…..”

Now read this case which was published in an article titled, ‘Help! I am hooked to Porn!’ in The CALL.

“For 21 years I was a slave to pornographic addiction. The shame that follows every pornographic encounter…. weighed on me like a millstone around my neck. I was hunting for satisfaction but only, and always found shame. My shame enslaved me and I lived in a world of utter darkness. In April 2002, after my world crashed down around me, Jesus came to my rescue & shed His light on my sin and slavery…. God allowed me to understand the need for personal sexual integrity, the intrinsic value of women (and men), the deep desire to save my marriage from ruin, and an unquenchable thirst for God. For the first time I felt that masturbation, gawking at women, indulging in pornographic images, actions, thoughts, etc. was wrong….. it was sinful.”

This article defines addiction as “a habit that seems unable to give-up, because the more it is practised the less satisfying it feels.”

It also brings out the truth of use of pornography in marriage, “married couples who use pornography soon find that their marital problems only worsen. If a husband needs to pretend that his wife is someone else in order for him to be excited, then he will become less and less drawn to her. Instead of making love to her, he is destroying love between them. Also, porn actors are under the influence of drugs, demons and have the advantage of camera tricks and sound tracks. This puts pressure on married partners to perform like actors with unrealistic expectations; they no longer enjoy sex with their lawful partner giving way to adultery or spouse swapping. Finally our society is left with numerous broken homes.”

We urge you to read the complete article which is freely available in this blog, to know more about the addiction of pornography and ways to be delivered from it  - Help! I am hooked to Porn!

Do not be deceived with articles in newspapers and magazines with one-sided revelations, written only to increase their TRP & GRP ratings and bloom their sales. We also urge the readers to share this post with all your friends in social networks, so that they too may understand the truth about pornographic addictions and be delivered.

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  1. Not a Surprise. More perverts, more addicts, more counselling sessions, more money to Psychologists. They only know about behaviour modification and lifestyle modification but nothing about complete deliverance. Nowadays DECEPTION comes in all forms and through all sorts of people. Psychologists claim the benefits of pornography and masturbation but fail to understand the purpose and divine nature of sex. A foetus masturbating in a mother's womb may mean that masturbation is normal but the Psalmist David says my mother conceived me in sin. We are born in sin and it is not that we become sinners because we sin. Sin is already in us and therefore nothing is sin to us because we have become deep rooted in sin. When the Bible says something is sin our curiosity and inquisitiveness at times drives towards it because sin dwells in us unless we have fully committed our lives to God. One foolish mistake to experiment with sin based on such deceptions will have disastrous consequences. Education does not mean wisdom. These psychologists do not even know the definition of sin. How much is too much? How on earth do you know that you are not addicted? The difference may be apparent only in theory but not in real life application. I guess you know that you are addicted only after you become addicted. Then comes denial, where you convince yourself that you can quit it any moment and you are in full control of that habit when in fact you have lost all the control. Then comes the battle between your spirit and flesh, this will be the last time that I will do this. The last time never comes because the pleasure seeking part of the brain is now in full control of your behaviour. You know no shame and no guilt and no God's love and no God's sacrifice until you commit it. Only those who suffered from it and struggled to overcome it know how helpless humans are without God. What a wretched man I am that I am doing the same old things which I do not want to do again and again and again. The pain in unbearable, the guilt is unmeasurable but God's love is unintelligible. Let the foundation of our lives be based completely on the Word of God and the Sacrifice of God and the Power of God and the Calling of God and not on deceptions. God please protect us from all these fallacies and help us and strengthen us to live a holy life without taking your grace and forgiveness for granted.