Monday, October 31, 2011

I am on facebook

With the millions of users and phenomenal growth, the social networking sites are touching new marks every day. Twitter birdie, Zuckerberg’s genie are the latest advent in the micro-blogging world that have mesmerized the whole world. But, it is also equally true that being obsessed to these networking sites is no less than getting lost into fairy tale world with delusions. The article ‘I am on facebook’ deals with the issues pertaining with the social networking sites.

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This article was written by Rollet Grace, who is a freelance journalist and is the daughter of senior GEMS missionaries Bro. John Nagendran and Sis. Esther. This video was created by Anand Jeyasingh who is a GEMS missionary who serves as teacher in GEMS English School in Bihar and the casts are David Balan and Guna who serve in the R&D department of GEMS.

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