Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The CALL this Christmas

The CALL_Dec 2011 Cover LR

It is Christmas time and as we celebrate Christ’s birth, it is very crucial that we not be carried away by a self-centred celebration. This issue of The CALL is packed with articles, stories and real life inspirations that remind us of that truth.

Children, this Christmas The CALL brings a cherish-able story for you once again by Angela aunty, who has treated you with stories every Christmas in The CALL.

World Death Count


As you see in the World Clock 2011, until the time of design there have been 56, 333, 342 deaths in the world in this year alone which includes 809,368 deaths by suicide and 39, 874, 011 abortions and counting (not included in the total death count). In the last issue we wrote about abortion in the article titled ‘Let them LIVE!’ and the next issue will feature an exclusive article on ‘Suicides’. There are lot of people in your office and neighbourhood who are contemplating suicide, who need HELP, who need JESUS! The article ‘Help for today! Hope for tomorrow!!’ will equip you to be a better counsellor in helping such hurting people.




The article in the ‘Tentmaking’ column narrates the sad incident of the suicide of Bangalorian Santosh Sarade, a 31-year old software engineer and shows us the urgency of workplace evangelism and commissions every Christian professional to take the gospel to our friends & colleagues at our workplaces.

Even as you sing Handel’s “Joy to the World” or “King of kings forever” this Christmas, let your celebrations too be Christ-centred as were his compositions. The History Makers article on the life of George Frideric Handel resounds this truth.

This issue will be in your mailboxes in another 10 days. Subscribers, we apologize for not being able to make this issue reach you by Christmas. If you would like to read it on or before the Christmas day, send an email to thecall@gemsbihar.org asking us to send a softcopy of this issue of The CALL to you! We will send you a link from which you can see/download this Christmas issue.

We have also created exclusive Christmas wallpapers. Log into the facebook page of The CALL or the blog to see and share them. Share your joy to others and your blessings to the poor and include your children too in it.

We wish you a Christ-centred and meaningful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wallpapers with a Message

This Christmas The CALL brings you exclusive Christmas Wallpapers.

Know the true meaning of Christmas through these wallpapers; make these your computer wallpapers and share them to your friends on social media.

Let this Christmas be a time of sharing! Share these Wallpapers! Share the Gospel!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The CALL Christmas Cover Caption Challenge

This Christmas ‘The CALL’ offers you an unique opportunity to see your own quote published on the cover of the magazine.

Send us a thought provoking & inspirational one-liner on Christmas. Let your creativity convict and convince others this Christmas and change them with the message of Christ!

‎"Millions of Hearts and Mangers await!
Who will Announce the Savior's Birth?"

- the caption on The CALL cover of Christmas 2009

Christmas Cover_2009


‎"To Seek & To Save Christ Was Born
To Speak & To Give You Are Born"

- the caption on The CALL cover of Christmas 2010

Christmas Cover_2010

One quote gets published on the cover! All other quotes will be published as wallpapers on the facebook page of The CALL! Senders will be acknowledged in the magazine.

Rush up, Send your entries, Share the TRUE MEANING of Christmas!

To send your caption, send an email to thecall@gemsbihar.org or write as a comment just below this post.