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The Awake & Arise Issue of The CALL

The CALL_July 2012

Just before leaving to Bihar after the vacations I visited a Juvenile Home in my hometown in the South and spoke with the 23 inmates who were of 10 to 17 years of age, arrested for various crimes. There was this one boy in the Home who was just 12 years old. He hailed from Bihar and as soon as he heard that I was going back to Bihar he held my hands and cried pleading me to help find his parents. When I conversed with him I came to know that he ran away from his home because his parents and elder brother fought very often. Dysfunctional families are growing and uncared children and teens go wayward. Deprived of love they long and search for it from others and get trapped in an imaginary and unreal world, not knowing the difference between “love”, “infatuation” and “lust”.

The insightful article “Before Falling In Love” is a response to the cries of such teens and youngsters who have strode that pitiful path and ended up tarnishing their teenage and youth. Realizing that it is also the responsibility of the parents to properly parent their children, the article on Parenting in the ‘Get Equipped’ column focuses on helping parents to know how their children act at different stages of life and equips them to be God ordained parents in the lives of their children.

The Children’s Chronicles column also brings the story of a failing and abused boy who needed help. While the story “Make a Difference” portrays how a friend of this boy made a difference in his life for the better, ‘MK Memoirs’ carries the true story of a GEMS MK who shares his very personal story with us and I am very sure it will inspire every MK and every youth to live for God no matter what deprivation or struggle one goes through. It’s also an example of how God can take one from the crossroad to conviction and to follow in the footsteps of his parents and forerunners, who chose to sacrifice and to give up all that they had, to be a God’s Missionary!

The Seventeenth SAARC summit was held under the theme “Building Bridges” and this leaves us with the responsibility to take certain concrete steps to build bridges to reach out to the SAARC nations with the love of Christ and the featured article in FBWL proposes this answering to the question “Who is my neighbour?” Reminding every Christian at the workplace that the ACT of sharing the gospel is for all, the article in ‘Tentmaking’ prescribes with the gears to gear up for workplace evangelism.

While the silver screen and the big screen has coupled up once again (big stunt to rise TRPs though) as in the case of Satyameva Jayate, the TV talk show on social issues, the producer and host Aamir Khan however real and convincing he might be seen on the show, he fails to realize that “life speaks louder than shows”. Apart from divorcing his first wife, the child born to Aamir Khan and his second wife Kiran Rao was through “Surrogacy” and the article “Rent-A-Womb” explores and exposes the realities behind this issue and creates a credible Christian perspective to the whole issue.

Whilst we live in a time when evil is packed and presented appealingly, Christians and Christian ministers are failing to live up to the standard of the Bible, pleasing to God. We hope that through The CALL we will continue to “awake” and “arise” the readers! (Ephesians 5:14 ESV).

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