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How ‘Japan, Here I come!’ was born?

MK Memoirs_The CALL March 2012Hope you all enjoyed reading and were inspired by the story ‘Japan, Here I come!’ in the last issue of The CALL. This article was published in the MK Memoirs column of The CALL, a column written by MKs for MKs. To know more about this column and to contribute visit A call to ALL God’s own tribe.

MK Memoirs_March 12‘Japan, Here I come!’ is an inspiring story from the life of Silas, the son of Missionary parents who left the United States, their homeland to serve the Lord in Japan. Silas went on a World Mission Tour visiting and serving in 11 countries in 11 months through the Adventure in Missions program of World Race in the year 2011. As part of this tour he led a team to GEMS. Just before he left Bihar, in a conversation that we had, did I come to know that he is a MK who always had a heart for Japan and wished to go back there.

This January I was teaching Leadership lessons to the students at our GEMS Timothy Bible College, from the life of missionary Hudson Taylor.

Maria TaylorAs I was preparing the lessons, I noticed one interesting fact from the life of Hudson Taylor's wife. His wife Maria Dyer was born to English parents who served as missionaries in China who died when she was a very young child. So after their death she was sent back to England. But in her later teens she returned back to China saying that it is her home and served there as a school teacher and then married Hudson Taylor.

When I was reading this I remembered Silas - how he too carries the same vision and burden as his parents, for Japan. I sent him a mail requesting him to do a write up on these lines and thus was born ‘Japan, Here I come!’

The CALL thanks Silas for writing this inspiring story from his life and we pray that this would inspire MKs like him.

And even as I write this I am also reminded of that which Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar penned in the report of the recently held GEMS AGM, reporting on the MK Department of GEMS,

“Having a unique blend of languages and cultures in them the Missionary Kids are indeed God’s own tribe!……. Gone are the times when MKs never wanted to follow in the footsteps of their parents. It is so amazing now to see our Missionary Kids join our ministries here in the North……. The multifaceted ministries of GEMS provides opportunities for MKs to bring in their gifting and areas of expertise into missions.”

This is not the end! In the next issue of The CALL, the MK Memoirs column carries a true story of an Indian, a very GEMS MK’s life story.

Look forward to be inspired!

- Mariyosh

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