Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha…

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The Tempter

Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha…. So The CALL is getting ready to knock me down! That’s impossible! I am not going to let this happen this time. When I could provoke a king to do against his God’s will (1 Chronicles 21:1), I could easily provoke the readers to not read this! Moreover I have succeeded in implanting this thought in the minds of most Christians,

“Ha! What’s new that is going to be in this magazine. I have read many Christian magazines and I know what they write. May be they would ask for some money.”

1When not realizing that I am the mastermind behind every act condoning Homosexuality, many would follow suit the Google campaign “Legalize Love”; how will I allow this magazine, that unmasks my every craftiness, to reach people’s hands?

2“You are at your wits end and there is no other way but to end your life” is how I convince those damned souls and you… ha… ha… ha… ha… are trying to stop these through this issue of The CALL. Let me see how you do it!


3Young people enjoy the pleasures that I provide them and I have trapped them by my trickery – Temptations!! When they do not realize my baits, how else will they recognize the truths in this issue? Added to it they would also say,

“Yet another Christian periodical! I am done with all these. There will be nothing interesting or intriguing. Boring stuff! I am not going to read this.”

I have already corrupted the conscience of Christians with these concoctions,

“Lemme check out who are the authors. Hey, I know this guy. When did he start writing for magazines? It’s a joke. You are kidding me. I won’t read what he writes.”

“I am not familiar with these names. How can I trust their writing?”

“This is heavy stuff! It is better to watch some movie than reading this material.”

While I have mesmerized the whole nation through IPLs and T20s and when the captain himself is from the city of Ranchi how could you try to thwart my plans by trying to redeem these souls through STORM?

4I am very good at contextually presenting fake and false as true and good and when I known for disguising myself as an angel of light ((2 Corinthians 11:14), how could you expose the realities behind Yoga, for which I have even made a huge following out of Christians!

And all this I do so that people, believers and especially ministers who begin in the Spirit may finish in the flesh (Galatians 3:3)! How would I allow the eyes of the readers be opened? Let me see who is on the winning side??

Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha…

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



“Customer service, tech support... these days we outsource everything to India. So why not pregnancy?” writes Abigail Haworth in Marie Claire magazine on 2nd July 2012.

"Surrogacy, one of the most dramatic of the new reproductive technologies, is an arrangement by which a woman agrees to be impregnated by assisted conception, carries the resulting fetus, and relinquishes all parental rights to the child at birth." write Dr Stanly & Dr Mrs Preena Stanly in The CALL in this article that explores and exposes the realities behind the issue of Surrogacy and creates a credible Christian perspective to the whole issue.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

P.R.O.F.I.T–A mantra for Workplace Evangelism


"I believe that the primary calling for a Christian at the workplace is to intercede for his or her colleagues and the company..... Many know that they are commissioned to proclaim Christ, but do not know how to do it at the corporate. This is yet another prescription of PROFIT to do-the-ACT of evangelism at the workplace following Peter’s apologia in 1 Peter 3:15..." writes Mariyosh in this article in PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents (PROFIT) column of The CALL.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eight months have passed!

Eight months have passed but the Promise of God remains as forever! Let's be reminded of it and be re-energized to ARISE & BUILD His kingdom!

Year 2012 Promise_LR10