Monday, November 26, 2012

Lending hands to help people LIVE!

Current Worldwide Suicide Rate



It is alarming to look at the above statistics on Suicide.

suicide“Thirteen years after his (Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, was one of the most popular American singers of the 20th century) death, a text beside the photo of the singer proved that he had committed suicide…. The youngest Wimbledon champion Boris Franz Becker was at the very top of the tennis world and yet attempted suicide.” quote Dr Stanly & Dr Preena Stanly in this article “Lending hands to help people LIVE!” in The CALL and go on to ask, ““Have you ever lost in despair and thought to yourself that it is better that I die? Have you ever prayed: “I have had enough, Lord; take my life”?”

And just not stopping with these questions they analyse the various reasons behind attempts of suicides and bring out a Biblical and practical solution to help people suffering with such suicidal thoughts so that they may LIVE!

Read this article to know the ‘Psychological, social and biological reasons for suicide’, ‘Common Misconceptions about Suicide’, ‘Risk Factors’ and methods to help such people. To know how to subscribe to The CALL visit Subscription.

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