Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Christmas is Crumbling–Overcoming Family Conflicts

"Sanjay lost his temper, slammed the door behind him, started his bike and left the house without knowing where he was going... It all began, when he did not return home and he had broken his promise again to his attentive wife Shanthi... She wanted to keep silent as he arrived but could not with her sharp tongue and in no time blazing arguments were exchanged.

“I mean nothing to you… our marriage is worthless… kill me once for all and live as you wish” she yelled and that’s when he left. The incident above may ring a bell reminding you of instances where you had some rough times with your spouse." write Paul Bance & Christy Bance in this article in The CALL to help strangled relationships to be resolved Biblically. A must read for every Christian! Click to read the editorial of this issue Christmas Issue of The CALL! To subscribe to The CALL click Subscribe.

Overcoming Family Conflicts

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