Thursday, February 21, 2013

The CALL, Ladies Special!

The CALL_Jan to March 2013

In the event of preparing this issue and writing this editorial every time I read on the Delhi gang rape, the brutality of the incident moistened my eyes. Are candle light marches and public protests sufficient? Will that be the solution to this every increasing menace? Is hanging the Delhi gang rape accused adequate? What about the evil in everyone’s heart as this issue’s Cover Calltoon* portrays?

While repentance, change of heart & behaviour would be the rightful response, it is also the responsibility of every parent to teach their boys to respect every girl and every woman. Many times parents and the church shun from addressing the curiosity of their children and youth toward sex and alike issues, not realizing that they end up learning everything wrong and perverted from their peers and wrongful sources. ‘Helping Amanats, Nirbhayas and Daminis have a safer world’ is written to equip the readers to help those who have suffered at such evil hands and parents & teachers should teach these to their children and students.

It is not just sufficient that we do not do evil, but need to know to do the right thing as the youth article ‘Young and Important’ suggests. And for that one needs to develop godly characters as put forth by the lead article ‘Becoming the Beatitude’. ‘Can Guns Really Save Us?’ answering the posed question purports the reader toward pivotal prayer and meaningful action.

The articles in the Children’s Chronicles, MK Memoirs and Tentmaking are full of real stories of girls and women talking about their everyday struggles at the school, college and workplace. Let us not be hypocritical as that of most of the media channels that telecast breaking news and debates on woman dignity and screen advertisements with obscene imagery and portrayal of women, during the break.

Let’s pledge and provide safety, space and show respect to them everywhere.

Mariyosh J

Chief Editor, The CALL

* ‘Calltoon’ is a series of sketches produced  by The CALL

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