Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet the ‘Ladies Special’ Issue & hear from the Ladies behind this Issue

Women's DayThe CALL wishes all its female readers a very happy and blessed Women’s Day. It gives great joy and pleasure to The CALL Team to publish the first quarter issue for this year as the “Ladies Special” Issue.

This issue would not have come out if not for a band of ladies who had the resolve and the right perspective to recognize various issues of women and to address them through their articles and to share their own stories. Meet this band of women of God and hear what they say -

Reena Goforth“Many a times we pray, “Lord help us to grow spiritually”. Physical growth can be determined by means of height and weight but how do we measure spiritual growth? So if you want to see how you’re growing, measure your spiritual growth by your growth in these eight Beatitudes.” writes Dr Reena in “Becoming the Beatitudes”.

Sumithra Jayaraj“‘Times of India’ on 1st Jan 2013 published this news titled ‘A Rush for Firearms’. It says ‘Police in Delhi have received 274 requests for Gun licences and 1,200 inquiries from women since December 18’. As we read this news, a question may arise in our hearts, ‘Can Guns really save us’? Can the firearms give us complete security that we desperately yearn for?” asks Mrs Sumithra Jayaraj in “Can Guns Really Save Us?

Angeline Mariyosh“They somehow took their little daughter for granted. Aparna always wished she was a boy and without her knowledge began to behave like one.” writes Mrs Angeline Mariyosh sharing the story of Aparna in “I wish I were a Boy!

Mrs Sumithra Jayaraj captures the experiences of working women in this article “Set Her Free” - “I may look like a successful woman to the outside world. But each day at work has been a great struggle for me. All these words and incidents have left a negative impact on my personality. I FEEL WORTHLESS!

Angelene GraciaFeby shares her story in MK Memoirs “From the school of life to the school where I studied” - “People realized I was a helpless poor creature very far away from home and took advantage of my situation. Finding me a silent person who never relented, they even joyfully targeted me from every side; but God was always there to comfort me and never allowed me to take revenge. I knew definitely that God would fight for me so I continued to face the odds silently.”

Preena Stanly“A victim of sexual assault should be treated with dignity and respect. Provide non-judgmental belief and a supportive attitude to reassure her. Doubting her credibility can shatter her.” writes Dr Preena Stanly in “Helping Amanats, Nirbhayas and Daminis have a safer world”

Callie ArielWhen you are young, there are loads of things that you are expected to do, be energetic, look trendy, talk techie, earn an attractive figure and be found in eat outs with a friend of the opposite sex. That’s how the world sees us. But God sees us different…” are the exhortations from Mrs Callie Ariel in “Young and Important

And in the compilation in the “Magnifying Glass” column you get to read what “GEMS does through all of its ministries concentrated to reach out and empower the girls and women, primarily in Bihar and other northern states of India.”

Happy Women's Day

The UN theme for International Women's Day 2013 is "A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women" and it is our prayer and purpose to enlighten and empower every reader towards achieving this end.

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