Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can Guns Really Save Us?

“‘Times of India’ on 1st Jan 2013 published this news titled ‘A Rush for Firearms’. It says ‘Police in Delhi have received 274 requests for Gun licences and 1,200 inquiries from women since December 18’. As we read this news, a question may arise in our hearts, ‘Can Guns really save us’? Can the firearms give us complete security that we desperately yearn for?” asks Mrs Sumithra Jayaraj in this article in The CALL.

This article is part of a dedicated issue (Jan-March 2013) of The CALL, based on the Delhi gang rape. It is a “Ladies Special” issue. This issue is focused on girls and women issues and remembers the brutality of the Delhi gang rape and addresses the social, spiritual and psychological variables of it.

Click to read the editorial of this issue The CALL, Ladies Special! Click to see what’s inside this issue of The CALL, A glimpse at the "Ladies Special" Issue.

Can Guns Really Save Us_The CALL

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