Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From the school of life to the school where I studied

“People realized I was a helpless poor creature very far away from home and took advantage of my situation. Finding me a silent person who never relented, they even joyfully targeted me from every side; but God was always there to comfort me and never allowed me to take revenge. I knew definitely that God would fight for me so I continued to face the odds silently.” shares Feby in the MK Memoirs column of The CALL.

This article is part of a dedicated issue of The CALL, based on the Delhi gang rape. It is a “Ladies Special” issue. This issue is focused on girls and women issues and remembers the brutality of the Delhi gang rape and addresses the social, spiritual and psychological variables of it.

Click to read the editorial of this issue The CALL, Ladies Special! Click to see what’s inside this issue of The CALL, A glimpse at the "Ladies Special" Issue.

From the school of life_The CALL

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