Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blessing or Curse–Just a Click Away!

"By now we are already familiar with phrases such as ‘Let me Google it for you’, ‘Why not buy it online’, “It’s available on the web”, “I downloaded it from the net”, “Come on Skype”, “Let us chat”, “Send me a mail”, “I had an online session”, “I attended an online worship service”, “Happy Internetting” and so on. We cannot deny the fact, ‘The world is shrinking at a much faster rate, our works are done at greater speed, Information on everything and anything we need is available at our finger tips’. Thanks to Information Technology for making this possible!" write Peter & Sumithra in this Science & Tech special issue of The CALL.

Advancements in IT has shrunk the world and made all information available on our finger tips. Advantageous though, IT industry has also caused for increased immorality. “Blessing or Curse – Just a click Away!” warns the reader on the pitfalls and addresses various issues in the perspective of career and consumerism.

Just a click away_The CALL

This is an issue of The CALL that answers various Science & Tech concerns in the light of the Bible. Click to get a wholesome overview of what this issue of the magazine offers -

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