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The Children Special of The CALL

Children Special_The CALL

One weekend as my wife and I sat to watch an animated movie, we were alarmed at the story and content of that cartoon movie. It was a story of Vampires! Review on this movie in the internet reads, this movie’s “buoyant, giddy tone may please children” and that “this movie is about enjoying a fun journey with great characters”! Following its premiere popular companies released Video & Mobile games and Mobile Digital Storybooks based on this movie. In the name and disguise of games, animation and cartoon the Devil is gaining access, attacking and corrupting the minds of children.

Our easygoingness is easing the Enemy in easily enslaving & engineering the emotions & will of children to execute his evil designs. Parents and guardians need to be cautious on what the children are exposed to.

‘Advantages of Disadvantages...’ deals with similar issues – where in the “camouflage of love” parents end up spoiling their children; and this article admonishes parents who in their busyness, with no time for children look for easy way outs. Togetherness with the parents is replaced with Teddy Bears; Buddy-ing with the loved ones is exchanged for Barbie Dolls; Caring by the family is substituted by Cartoons!

Adverse effects of these are when we become insensitive to the inner cries of our children and the article ‘The Hidden Turmoil’ boldly and at the same time with a burdened heart addresses this issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). It was shocking and heartbreaking to hear Cindrella Prakash, a Christian, share in one of Satyameva Jayate shows on her childhood nightmare experience of CSA. But the good news is, following this interview Cindrella is being invited by many churches and schools to conduct workshops on CSA and share the message as she narrates, “I went through it... and now I am fine... and Jesus brought me out of it”+.

While ‘I am Ravi’ narrates the pathetic story yet the reality of many children found in the roadside Dhabas, many GEMS MKs present their views on various Children Issues in this magazine through their sketches and poems. When children could see such issues distinctly why not the decision makers? As the Cover puts forth, “Are we giving simple solutions to serious issues and are we relevant and really concerned?”

The ‘Director’s Desk’ presents Biblical parenting in a very lucid manner with the aim that Christ may be formed in every child! ‘Slow, but Sincere’ is an expert article specially meant for teachers and parents to identify & help children who are slow learners and ‘Let the little children come to Me’ shows the responsibilities and creative ways in which parents, elders and the church can lead children to Christ.

Let us cast off all ‘Hidden Pride’ as the lead article exhorts and let’s “become like children” (Matt 18:3) in nature and strive never to become a stumbling block to children (Mark 9:42) because He warns,

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matt 18:6,7)

Mariyosh J

Chief Editor, The CALL


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