Friday, April 11, 2014

The Children Special Issue: Inside Look

"Our easygoingness is easing the Enemy in easily enslaving & engineering the emotions & will of children to execute his evil designs. Parents and guardians need to be cautious on what the children are exposed to...."

The CALL Children Special Contents

The Children Special issue of The CALL!! Read to know what it offers....

The Contents of this Magazine:
From Bihar With Love: Hidden Pride - D. Augustine Jebakumar
On Christmas: True Joy - D. Augustine Jebakumar
Director's Desk: Christ in my Child - Ashok Kumar
I am Ravi: - Mariyosh J
Advantages of Disadvantages & Disadvantages of Advantages - Philip Pereira
It's Puzzle Time: Angeline Mariyosh
Standing @ the GAP: The Hidden Turmoil - Reena Goforth
Slow, but Sincere-Identifying & Dealing with Slow Learners: Angeline Mariyosh
Get Equipped: Let the little children come to Me - Jebarani Regina
Poem: A Dream Comes True - Aminna Duthie

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