Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Church: Answer or Accessory to Casteism or Racism?

"We are living at a time when nations around the world are falling apart due to ethnic wars. At such a time as this we see political parties making use of these pitiable positions to further their own political agendas. In the pretext of promising justice we only get to see personal and political vendettas, where peace seems like a long forgotten thing..." writes Mariyosh in this article in The CALL and talks about global Racism, Casteism in India and brings in what the Bible says about these and shows the way forward thru what Jesus did.

Church-Answer or Accessory to Casteism or Racism_The CALL

This article is part of the "Social Issues Special" issue of The CALL that voices out social evils like Casteism, Racism, Bribery, Corruption, Gender Discrimination; addressing a few such Social Issues and presents the prospects in Biblical perspectives. Click to read to know the pulse of this magazine.

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