Friday, July 11, 2014

Grand, Gaudy or Godly Indian Wedding?

"Many are confused in choosing the bride for the bridegroom. Beauty, Earnings, Education gets priority in a wedding ( A – Age, B – Beauty, C- Caste, D – Dowry, E – Education, F – Family status, G – Gold, H – Height, goes on and on), without giving priority to God’s purpose about bride or groom or how one can fulfil His purpose by one’s right choice... I am writing this because I feel that it is high time people realized about these unbiblical practices in marriages." writes Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar in The CALL.

Grand, Gaudy or Godly Indian Wedding_The CALL

This article is part of the "Social Issues Special" issue of The CALL that voices out social evils like Casteism, Racism, Bribery, Corruption, Gender Discrimination; addressing a few such Social Issues and presents the prospects in Biblical perspectives. Click to read to know the pulse of this magazine.

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