Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kindness is a Boomerang

"The very same day in the evening they brought two sweets made of wheat each of which were in the shape of pancakes; one for my wife and one for me. When I came home my wife gave me that sweet and it was delicious. The girls had made those sweets all by themselves specially for us!
How thoughtful they were! We were put to shame....
Even as I was thinking about this simple but profound act of those girls, they grew bigger in my mind. I learnt a big truth that day “Kindness is Contagious”." writes Mariyosh in The CALL.

Kindness is a Boomerang_The CALL

This article is part of the "Social Issues Special" issue of The CALL that voices out social evils like Casteism, Racism, Bribery, Corruption, Gender Discrimination; addressing a few such Social Issues and presents the prospects in Biblical perspectives. Click to read to know the pulse of this magazine.

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