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The Students Special Issue of The CALL

Students Special Issue of The CALL_Cover

“I am late to school, it is post-lunch and I know that I won’t be permitted. But I have to go. I can’t keep it with myself” with these thoughts I cycled and as I entered the school my Headmistress was for sure confused either at the first-time-ever smile on my face or at what I said, “Ma’am, I am saved”. These were the only words that came out of my mouth as I rushed to my class of eleventh standard. I was bubbling with joy of being born again as I had given my life to Jesus Christ. Coming to know of the saving power of Christ through my classmate began the journey of making Jesus known to other students. I am so excited as we bring out this ‘Students Special’ issue of The CALL.

‘Success Statutes for Students’ presents the pointers to help every student who has started the year with lot of hope and ambition to finish it successfully. This issue is filled with many real life stories of students of various backgrounds and age groups, catering to a wider audience. Two missionary kids share their life’s experiences of being a MK and a Student in ‘I am God’s Own Tribe’ and the choices that they made and the difference those choices made in theirs and others lives.

The Cover Story ‘From Circus to Classroom’ presents the story, the search and struggles in the life of a Nepali boy who found Christ and his life’s purpose and became a student of the Bible to learn to proclaim the Gospel. The article in the Magnifying Glass column portrays how Timothys like him are trained and prepared to transform the society through the Gospel of Jesus Christ at GEMS Timothy Bible College.

‘Showing the Saviour to Students of the Spiritual Capital’ showcases the life of a couple who came to know Jesus, coming from a different faith, during their school & youth days and how they committed to be missionaries and serve among students and raise leaders for nation building. ‘Student Worker to Student of Theology’ presents the need for every believer and Christian worker to equip themselves and shows practical ways to become an obedient Student of the Word to become an effective Teacher.

‘Rescuing, Respecting & Rising Up Girls’ is a research article that probes the reasons for the rise in crimes against girls, studying spiritual, political, anthropological and historical causes and presents the answer that “God is calling for committed students as missionaries who would pursue God’s purpose”. This article goes on to say that “Over the centuries whenever God called, people sensitive to His voice & discerning the times responded.” But all over the world there is a decline in this response. The lead article rightly and Biblically shows the way in reminding the students and the parents saying, ‘Remember Your Vows’.

According to the 2011 Census Data, in India there are 315 million students; that is India has the most students in the world. While 97,120 students went to the US & 29,713 students to UK from India for their Higher Education, 26,779 students came to India to pursue higher education in 2012 and the most number of students are from Nepal, Bhutan, Iran, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka & Iraq*. This trend presents a great opportunity to reach out to the Diaspora Indian students and the International students in India, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Respond. Rise up. Remember to fulfil your vows!


Response prompting reading,

Mariyosh J

Chief Editor, The CALL


* UNESCO Institute for Statistics

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