Friday, August 1, 2014

Eradicating Bribery & Corruption: Will the Church Bell the Cat?

"Mind boggling figures are mentioned and hot debates happen almost every other day in some TV channel or the other on Bribery & Corruption. One of the reasons may be the elections and political parties are cashing on this more to appeal to the people to vote for their party. I listened to the debates in TIMES facilitated by Arnab Goswamy. Mostly I found that the subject of the quantum of corruption involved created heated debate, which at times made the media as well as the public to be very sympathetic to someone at the lower level getting punished for a smaller amount of bribe. Seldom is there a talk about eradication.
This situation provides us an opportunity to demonstrate how the nation could be built by Christians, like Nehemiah built the wall of Jerusalem." writes Mr. John J Ratnakumar in this article.

Eradicating Bribery & Corruption-Wil the church bell the cat

This article is part of the "Social Issues Special" issue of The CALL that voices out social evils like Casteism, Racism, Bribery, Corruption, Gender Discrimination; addressing a few such Social Issues and presents the prospects in Biblical perspectives. Click to read to know the pulse of this magazine.

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