Monday, August 11, 2014

Poverty: Is Prosperity Preaching the Answer?

"“It is 10 in the night and my mobile keeps ringing, knowing who is at the other end I ignore the call. It is the collection boy appointed by the agency to collect the money that I promised to repay for one of the credit cards I had defaulted.” This was during the year 2008 when globally economies were in the grip of recession and I was without job due to my stupid reaction and assumptions about the job market and myself... As a Christian professing to know the living God and His ways, I began to reach out to the “so called” preachers and prophets, yearning for a revelation to my problems. Everything turned out to be futile. Gradually I began to search the Lord whole heartedly through His written word and seek Him with proper guidance.

As I ponder upon the “messages of prosperity preaching” that we very often hear from the pulpits, that which is proposed to be the solution for global poverty, I would like to expound and exegete Luke 4:18–19 from the perspective of economics and lay forth the Biblical principles." writes Johnson Kanagaraj in this article in The CALL.

Poverty-Is Prosperity Preaching the Answer_The CALL

This article is part of the "Social Issues Special" issue of The CALL that voices out social evils like Casteism, Racism, Bribery, Corruption, Gender Discrimination; addressing a few such Social Issues and presents the prospects in Biblical perspectives. Click to read to know the pulse of this magazine.

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