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The Scripture Special Issue of The CALL!

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According to Wycliffe Global Alliance, at least one book of the Bible exists in almost 2,900 languages (Complete Bible: 531; NT & some portions: 1329; One or more books: 1023) and there is known active translation and/or linguistic development happening in 2,195 languages across more than 130 countries. But the two consultations of FOBA-Forum of Bible Agencies that I participated, on Scripture Engagement made me aware of the real issue – access to the Bible is much better than it has been throughout history, the problem is lack in engaging with it.

This Scripture Special issue of The CALL comes out in a highly heated and controversial atmosphere as India’s current External Affairs Minister presses for making Bhagwad Gita as the national scripture or book.

Religious scriptures are considered miraculous and able to be appropriated only when read in a particular language or only when interpreted by a group of sacred class of people. But Bible being God’s word to all mankind is for all language, ethnicity, ages & age group!

The Bible is the most translated, most printed, most distributed, most read and the most number of books written are about the Bible and based on its inspiration. Not stopping there as Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi proposes in his book ‘The Book That Made Your World’, the Bible is the key that unlocked the Western mind & cultivated human dignity, compassion, strong families and triggered the passion for scientific, medical & technological advancement. The Bible not only created the West, but modern India! Dr. Babu Verghese’s massive research book ‘Let there be India: Impact of the Bible on Nation Building’ is a proof to how Bible created all the modern Indian languages, and impacted literature, journalism, education and culture.

The pages of this issue of The CALL attempt to answer tough questions like ‘Is God cruel?’ that come up when certain passages of the Bible esp. the OT are read. Word View or World View?’ answers the questions whether the Bible is the Word of God or man, is it fact or fiction and more.

‘The Twists in the Truth’ and ‘The Problem with the Bible Seminary’ are two point blank articles. Brother Augustine Jebakumar answers questions on Prosperity Doctrine, Hyper Grace and on how does the Bible get meddled & misinterpreted and Dr. Vishal awakens us towards the reasons to the sinking of the University & students into intellectual and moral darkness.

‘Measure Your Growth’ is a treat for Children and ‘Fed in His Word’ narrates the experiences of a MK. The Tentmaking article ‘Word for Workplace’ presents sample studies from the Bible, appropriated for workplace scenarios.

Jesus said, “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.” (John 5:39). ‘Searching the Scriptures...’ argues and presents how man’s intellectual, religious, spiritual search for truth leads one to the Bible. Meaningfully presenting the Christmas message ‘The Fifth Gospel’ says, “The indispensable gift from God, next only to His Son and His Spirit, are the Scriptures.” It’s exhortation to know the Word more diligently, to grow steadily to glow brightly to express Christ surely is very apt for this and all seasons.

Bible Software. Bible Apps. Audio/Audio-Visual Bible. Verses on Whats App and SMS. Online/PDF/Mobile/Tab Bible. Let not the adage ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ become true to our situation of constant exposure to the Bible scriptures & messages and let’s take every opportunity to internalize and live the truths of the Bible!

Scriptural reading!

Mariyosh J

Chief Editor, The CALL

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