Friday, February 13, 2015

Is God Cruel?

"More often than not even the readers of the Bible can come to the same conclusion that God, whom the Bible talks about, especially in the Old Testament, is cruel. Is God really cruel? The answer to this question is not straight forward, because the alternative is to project God as benevolent. The proponents and opponents of either position can find enough verses, or even passages, from the Bible to support their respective positions. Many, who seek to criticize or speak against Christianity, carefully look for those passages where it is possible to portray God in a negative light. But, as a Christian, what do we think when we come across these difficult passages in the Bible. How are we to do deal with events in the Bible where God does seem unrelenting and merciless?" writes T. Emerson, who specialized in Old Testament in his Masters in Theology.

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Read this article to get a basic understanding about the Bible and the principles of interpretation that will help you to have a right view of God and a clear understanding about this topic.

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