Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Searching the Scriptures

"God has always been a mystery through the generations to the inquiring minds of people, from the lowliest to the highest, but still remains a puzzle unanswerable. Is there a reason why man wants to know God? Is it an intellectual quest or a need deep within?...
Religion, so vital in the lives of millions of people around the world, has been the subject crucial for many philosophers and scholars throughout the ages...
On the other hand, there are people who keep searching the truth from one religion to another, from one practice to another, and this search can go on until the absolute truth is found...
Scriptures are the ultimate source to find the absolute truth which is God Himself. If there is a God who created the universe, then, in my view, He must reveal Himself to the humanity..." writes Christopher Murugan who is specialized in Philosophy & Religion in his Masters and Theology.

Searching the Scriptures_The CALL

Read this article in The CALL to know the answer to these quests to how God has revealed Himself to the humanity.

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