Monday, March 30, 2015

Fed in His Word

"“Bible Reading and Prayer should become a part and parcel of your life” was the regular advice our Principal kept before us before we went home from school for any vacation. I didn’t understand the essence of this concept fully but this statement however stayed fresh in my mind...
I’ve heard some missionary kids say “I wish my parents were not missionaries” or “Why did my parents become missionaries?” or “It’s we who are sacrificing and not parents.” But I have never thought in that way; maybe because I knew the mind of God and His plans that God revealed to me through my Bible readings and meditation." writes Angeline Mariyosh in this issue of The CALL where she narrates how her time spent with the Bible nourished her soul in times of troubles & loneliness and how God kept directing and assuring her.

Fed in His Word_The CALL

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