Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MK in Mission

"Being the firstborn or to call myself the first MK (Missionary Kid) of GEMS has always given me a pride, but the pressure to set an example to other MKs has always placed a fear on the other side. I had always been prepared to sacrifice for others...

Let me tell about my first experience of working with a mission organization. It was a fresh new experience, though only for 6 months. We were mostly involved in facilitating programs and in training work. I could not stay there for long because most of the programs were only in meetings or papers and implementation and action was not there. It was a good ground for me to connect to various people and organizations. But if the decisions taken remained in the board rooms and presentations, it would hamper the growth of the ministry and the kingdom of God. Due to this I could not stick on to that organization for long, as that was not the background in which I was raised." writes Goforth Jebakumar (Administrator & Finance Coordinator, GEMS) in this article in the The CALL.

MK in Mission_The CALL

He talks about Administration in Missions, Lessons from the Corporate and ends with a word for other MKs.

This article is part of the Administration Special issue of The CALL. Click to read an intro to this issue The Administration Special

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