Saturday, September 12, 2015

Inside the Arts Special Issue

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Arts Special Content

Inside the Arts Special:

- From Bihar With Love: Practice What You Preach (and Sing) – Augustine Jebakumar
- MK Memoirs: Student of Literature & the Scripture – Blessy Cornelius
- Life Sharing: The Song That Turned My Life – Mariyosh J
- Poems:
Walking Thru Darkness... – Sheela Duthie
Paid to be Away! – Preena Stanly
- News & Views: The Greatest Literature – Esther Dara
- Book Review: Booker Prize Winner ‘The White Tiger’ – Angeline & Mariyosh
- Get Equipped: English Literature & My Bible Study – Roland Rencewigg
- Children’s Chronicles: Pyari’s Secret – Angeline Mariyosh
- The Magnifying Glass: Reaching Children, Creatively – Joseph V
- Culinary Arts:
Hotel Welcome to Welcoming Jesus
Even A Spoon For The Saviour
One who sold Channa, now blessed people with Heavenly Mannna
- Director’s Desk: Heart of Art – Ashok Kumar