Friday, October 2, 2015

Practice What You Preach (and Sing)

"I began praising and worshiping God. While I was yet praising I heard God’s voice asking me to sing a particular song that I always liked to sing. It is a popular Hindi song even today: “Seva karenge pyare Prabhu ki mar be mitange pyare Prabhu may” (I will serve the Lord and am even prepared to die for the sake of the Lord). As I began to hum, God commanded me to stop. He said that I should never ever sing that song again.

I was shocked. He then said, “My daughter is fighting for her life and you refuse to give her one bottle of blood. How can you give your life for me?” I was ashamed of my thoughts. The insensitivity, the selfishness, the pretense of being sincere when I gave the blood samples all shocked me and brought me to the realization that my inner man was still so spiritually weak. I began to cry..." writes Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar (General Secretary, GEMS) in this article in The CALL.

Practice what you preach_The CALL

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