Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Student of Literature & the Scripture

"I praise God from deep down of my heart that in every aspect of my life He bestowed His blessings upon me, though am not worthy of it. He helped me to pass my graduation (Eng. Hons.) with first class marks and distinction in my P.G. program awarded with Gold Medal, Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Honour. It was given by the Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh.
When this ceremony was going on, 18th march 2015, I was speechless and my heart was praising God for His wonderful deeds in my life. I knew and read in the Bible several times that God’s makes impossible things possible but it was the first time I experienced that in my life. When I saw my name on the University site in the list of the selected students for gold medal, I started crying and my words were vanished and my tears were praising God because it was beyond my imagination. Three days before that day..." writes Blessy in this article in the MK Memoirs column of The CALL.

Student of Literature & the Scripture_The CALL

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