Friday, October 30, 2015

The Greatest Literature

"As a Christian, there is an entrenched intention for my attraction towards literature. Would this be ultra-practical, if I concede that English literature had guided me towards the Bible? This whole new “ME” is due to the literature which I chose without snaking on science but helped me to be “JUST AS IAM” so that I could scream from a mountain top saying, Oh! My God, I’m utterly smitten by the “WORD OF GOD”. I can recall one of the incidents which made me to read the Bible. Once my professor told us sternly to read the Bible irrespective of our religious background; she said that if we failed to read the Bible as a literature student, there would be no reason for us to sit in the literature dept. Literally she told we were unfit. Those words kept ringing in my ears for two reasons...." writes Esther Dara (English Teacher, GEMS English School, Bihar) in this article in The CALL.

The Greatest Literature_The CALL

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