Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Song that turned my Life

"The year was 1998 and I wished not to see yet another year. I wanted to end my life. But that day was to be etched in my memory forever and my life was to turn for the best.
As usual I went to school. One of our teachers had become a believer of Christ in those months. He gave an open invitation to the class to come and take part in prayer one evening. Prabhu took me there, to our school chapel where the prayer was going on. It was the very first time I was attending a prayer meeting like that.
Though I could not make much sense of it all one thing stayed in my mind. As I was cycling back home the words of the song that they sung kept ringing in my ears..." writes Mariyosh J (Chief Editor, The CALL) in this article in The CALL.

The Song that turned my life_The CALL

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