Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review: Booker Prize Winner “The White Tiger”

"One reason why ‘The White Tiger’ has won the booker prize is, we believe, the real depiction of the struggles of the poor, the oppressed class and their miserable lives. The immorality of the wealthy and greedy, corruption of the politicians, the evils of the caste system, the inefficiency of the police is depicted truly.

Though Arvind clearly brings out the problems of the poor, he does not show a morally and ethically viable way to solve this. This retrospective narration if combined with introspective aspects would show the way to reconciliation and resolution..." write Mariyosh & Angeline in this Book Review on the Bihar-Bangalore connection book, ‘Booker Prize Winner ‘The White Tiger’.

The White Tiger Book Review_The CALL

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