Thursday, February 22, 2018

Call Calls for Contributions to the Special Editions of 2018

The CALL, the English magazine of GEMS invites for contributions in the form of articles, poems, photos, cartoons for this year’s Special Editions.

The Call magazine is being published every month (in PDF format), since December 2017. If you have missed reading these issues here are the links –

Kindly share the magazine with your friends, family & fellowship and with prayer partners & churches.

Apart from the monthly e-issues we also publish printed copies of Special Editions. Here are the themes for this year with few sub topics. Your contributions are greatly welcomed in the form of articles, stories, poems, photos, cartoons, etc. Sub topics are only a lead and you need not limit yourself to it. Feel free to write on any issue under the given themes.

1.     Evangelism
a)     Why Evangelise? – The Great Commission & The Need
b)    Living Letters – Life Style Evangelism & It’s Impact
c)     Changing times and changing methods of evangelism
d)    Why the rising opposition to Evangelism?
e)     Reaching children for Christ – message, methods, medium & models
f)     Reaching youths for Christ – message, methods, medium & models

2.     E-Special (on the spread, influence of electronics & technology)
a)     The E-Revolution: Boon or Bane?
b)    Dangers of the advancement of the e-world
c)     Parenting the e-generation
d)    Can or should a Christian use Social Media?
e)     Evangelising & Discipling the E-Generation

3.     Education
a)     Should Christians pursue higher education? (Or) Is it godly & biblical to pursue studies?
b)    Christian contributions to the world of education
c)     Teachable Teachers – Importance of Continuous Learning as Teachers
d)    Education as a tool in Evangelism
e)     Studies, Depression & Suicides – How to help students Overcome?
f)     Global Challenges to Education and the Way Forward

4.     Entertainment
a)     The bondage of worldly entertainment
b)    Worldly Entertainment Vs. Godly Entertainment
c)     Can a Christian watch movies?
d)    Can a Christian follow Celebrities or be their fan?
e)     Can or should a Christian work in the secular movie or music industry?
f)     Entertainment turned Worship & Celebrity turned Leaders – The Bible View

As the Lord lays in your heart and inspires you, please contribute. If you have any of your original writings in context to these topics, please send. Please encourage your spouse, children, family, friends, colleagues and interested people to contribute. Feel free to suggest topics, themes and issues to write in The Call.

Kindly email your works to or send through WhatsApp to +91 9801285284 before 15th March 2018.

Looking forward to your contributions!

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” ― Louis L'Amour

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