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The CALL is the Quarterly Magazine of GEMS heralding the triumph of His utterance, dictating the desire of HIS heart, illuminating the obscure, planting visions and triggering Christendom to stand up and testify. 
It is in essence a prophetic voice to the churches & an apostolic voice to the missions.

GEMS is a Christian mission organization that serves to bring about wholesome transformation in all the lives that it touches staying true to its motto ‘Transforming peoples to transform nations’. It touches the hearts of the people through the gospel of Jesus Christ and serves as a beacon of love and hope to the deprived, disadvantaged, exploited, destitute and homeless thousands fulfilling this vision through Spiritual, Educational, Medical and Humanitarian Services primarily in Bihar, other Northern States of India and beyond since 1972.  To know more about GEMS visit

GEMS also publishes its magazines in Tamil, Hindi and Kannada.

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