Get Involved

Dear Friend,

You can get involved with The CALL in the following ways:

1. Become a writer: You can write articles, poems, anecdotes etc for the magazine under the columns listed in the 'Structure of The CALL' page. You can also encourage your children and friends to write for the magazine.

2. Become a subscriber: Subscribe to The CALL annually or for life. Click Subscription Form to subscribe.

3. Become an introducer: You can introduce and recommend The CALL to your friends, relatives, colleagues, prayer groups, Churches, etc and ask them to subscribe. You can also send us a list of emails and/or addresses of your contacts and we will send an introductory copy of the magazine as a complimentary, on your behalf.

4. Become a suggester and/or a critic: You can suggest topics and issues for us to write and publish in the magazine. You can also give us your valuable feedbacks and comments on the magazine.

To communicate with The CALL, send an email to: